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We are regularly being informed how our way of life destroys nature. Most of the people are already resistant to this type of information; saying: “Nothing depends on me!” With a creation of this video clip the director would like to draw attention to a hobby that has a power to protect not only target bird species but the whole biodiversity of certain areas. Birdwatching is not just a hobby but an investment in nature conservation.

  • DIRECTOR: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • PRODUCER: Iva P Hristova-Nikolova
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • PRODUCED FOR: "WWF films&Video competition ""Life.Nature.You.Make the connection"""
  • CAMERAPERSON: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • ANIMATOR/S: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: zero-project (Millenium sunset/ Earth)
  • SOUND RECORDIST: Iva P Hristova - Nikolova
  • EDITOR: Boris P Nikolov