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Amoghavarsha J S is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He has travelled extensively documenting the planet's biodiversity and helping conserve it through photographs and film. Having worked as a naturalist and hailing from a technical background; he makes use of new media to help spread the message of conservation. His recent project Jaya Hey Kannada Thaye - India's first wildlife music video; launched on 6 channels gained two million views in two days. He works closely with the state governments on wildlife and conservation-based activities. He also actively works with non-profit organizations such as CEE and WWF to carry out conservation messages.

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Bangalore,  Karnataka,  INDIA  560 062, 
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What goes into conserving India's national animal; the tiger? The film takes the viewer deep into the BRT Tiger reserve of Karnataka to find out. Breath taking landscapes; remote anti-poaching camps; a brush with a tiger and cutting-edge technology are just some highlights. It focuses on the efforts of the foot patrol teams and their importance in tiger reserves. The film also showcases a new initiative Huli; by the Karnataka state forest department. Huli aims at taking technology to the final frontline of tiger conservation. The film highlights the work of the foot patrol team of BRT Tiger reserve as they use the latest in technology coupled with their knowledge of the forest to save our national animal.

  • DIRECTOR: Amoghavarsha J S
  • PRODUCED FOR: Karnataka Forest Department
  • CAMERAPERSON: Amoghavarsha J S
  • ANIMATOR/S: Morph Digital Solutions
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Amoghavarsha J S and Vijay Mohan Raj
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Raevolution Studios
  • SOUND RECORDIST: Apoorva Nagavar
  • EDITOR: Amoghavarsha J S
  • NARRATOR: Justin Jacob and Supriya J