Honouring Green Ambassadors!!!

One of the important aspects of CMS VATAVARAN is to bring grass root initiatives and innovations to the fore. To take this legacy forward, 52 such individuals who have been doing remarkable work in the field of conservation in their cities, towns, districts, gram panchayats or villages were felicitated by CMS VATAVARAN and its partners.

The awardees are chosen through nominations from diverse backgrounds ranging from academics, research, filmmaking, journalism, environment education, grassroots activities, etc. The objective behind the felicitation has been to acknowledge and recognise the work being done at the grassroots level by individuals so that it can act as a source of inspiration to others and encourage people to come forward for the cause of environment.

Year State Sr No Green Heroes Recognised for
2012 Uttarakhand 1. Shri Prateek Panwar Mobilising community in conservation of avifaunal diversity
2. Shri Jagat S Chaudhary Sensitising the villagers on redeveloping the forests
3. Shri Rajeev Mehta Furthering the cause of conservation of tigers, co-predators, their prey and habitat in the state.
4. Smt Mathura Devi Revival of forests
5. Smt Sudha Gunwant Spearheading the movement for natural resources management and promoted ecological protection initiatives
Rajasthan 6. Smt Sanju Devi Tailor Preservation of forest and avifaunal diversity and water purification
7. Shri Laxman Singh Water sources revival and biodiversity rejuvenation
8. Shri Gopal Singh Rajawat Wildlife Conservationist
Goa 9. Ms Kim Miranda Green movement against mining
10. Shri Rajendra Kerkar Water purification & protection of the western ghat
11. Ms Judith Almedia Green activist
12. Shri Amrut Singh Green activist
13. Ms Kumari Swati Shridhar Kerkar Revival of forest and community mobilisation
Kolkata 14. Ms Suchandra Kundu Faunal biodiversity conservation
15. Shri Pradip Datta Anti-nuclear movement and biodiversity conservation
2010-11 Shimla 16. Ms Jodie Underhill Garbage collection drive
17. Shri Mayank Ranjan Gupta Environment education
18 . Dr Sanjeev Attari Outreach activities
Shillong 19. Shri Brian Dermot Kharpran Daly Cave conservation
20. Shri Sorendro Khongsit Education on traditional medicinal plants
Thiruvananthapuram 21. Shri Vava Suresh Reptile conservation
22. Shri Vidyadharan Organic farming
23. Shri Bal Pandi Bird watcher and conservationist
Hyderabad 24. Sri Vijaya Rama Kumar Chief Functionary, SAVE
25. Dr Rao Chelikani Civil Society Leader
26. Sri B N Reddy Eminent Urban Planner
27. Prof K Purushottam Reddy Environmentalist
28. Sri Shekar Dattatri Filmmaker
29. Sri Girish Girija Joshi Filmmaker
Port Blair 30. Shri Deb Kumar Bhadra Project Scientist, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Port Blair
31. Shri A Gopal Project Officer, CPR Environmental Education Centre, Port Blair
32. Dr T Sundaramoorthy Head, Biodiversity conservation, CPR. Environmental Education Centre, Chennai
33. Shri Rishikesh Sinha Sr Scientific Officer-II, Department of Science and Technology, Port Blair
34. Shri Balakrishnan Scientist, CARI, Port Blair.
35. Shri T C Shayju ASI, Andaman and Nicobar Police, Andaman and Nicobar Administration
36. Smt Neelam Purti Range Officer, Department of Environment and Forest, A&N Admin., Long Island, Middle Andaman
37. Shri Abdul Salam Director, Department of Agriculture, A&N Admin. Port Blair
38. Dr Ajanta Birah Senior Scientist, CARI, Port Blair
39. Shri Dinesh Range Officer, Department of Environment and Forest, A&N Admin, Beta Pur, Middle Andaman.
40. Shri Ranjan Baroi President, Andaman Nature Club, Port Blair.
41. Smt Archana Singh Lecturer, JNRM, Port Blair
42. Shri S Bhavani Shiksha Sadan, Port Blair
43. Smt Rita Biswas Lecturer, Dr B R Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair
Bhubaneswar 44. Shri Bibhudhendra Pratap Das Activist
45. Smt Sanjukta Basa Environmentalist
46. Shri Vanoo Mitra Acharya Eco-conservationist
47. Shri Prasanna Kumar Behera Biodiversity conservationist
48. Shri Chandrama Nayak Community mobiliser
49. Shri Pratyush Mohapatra Founder, snake helpline
50. Shri Akshaya Patnaik Forest conservationist, DFO
51. Dr Pramod Kumar Mahapatra Environment journalist, Samaj
52. Shri Sujit Mahapatra Promotion of medicinal and herbal trees