Nominations For Public Service Message Category

Film's Name: Save Trees (45 Sec.)
Subject: Save Trees
Produced By: Ms Reena Ashok, Crest Communication

Film's Name: Use Me (25 Sec.)
Subject: Keep Your City Clean
Produced By: Ms Reena, Ashok Crest Communication

Film's Name: Sheru (1 Min.)
Subject: Environment
Produced By: Ms Meenakshi Rai, Leoarts Communication

Film's Name: Sharam Nahi Ati (Spitting) (30 Sec.)
Subject: Spitting
Produced By: Ms. Kiron Wadhera, Asian Centre For Organization Research And Development (ACORD)

Nominations For TV Programmes Category

Film's Name: Earth Charmers (31 Min. 55 Sec.)
Subject: Sustainable Agriculture
Produced By: Mr. H.B. Muralidhara / Seema Muralidhar & Sunayana Sadarangani For Zee Network

Film's Name: Living On The Edge (22 Min. 38 Sec.)
Subject: Laws That Fail To Protect Our Dwindling Wildlife- Poachers
Produced By: Mr. Nikhil J. Alva / Mr. Niret Alva For Ndtv

Film's Name: Forests (15 Min.)
Subject: Covers Three Issues, Jute, Bio-Diversity And Bamboo
Produced By: Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI)

Film's Name: Energy And Environment (20 Min.)
Subject: Covers Four Issues, River Pollution, Solid Waste, Vehicular and Air Pollution
Produced By: Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI)

Film's Name: Quiz On Environment (25 Min. 23 Sec.)
Subject: Environment and Waste Disposal (Episode 8 Of A 13 Part Series On Environment)
Produced By: Ms. Sita Nanda For Doordarshan (National Network)

Film's Name: Maneka's Arc (26 Min. 20 Sec.)
Subject: Getting Rid of Insects and Pests Without Killing Them, Using Natural Ways.
Produced By: Ms.Rima Chib / Mr. Amar Sharma For Star India Pvt. Ltd.

Film's Name: Assignment (15 Min. 05 Sec.)
Subject: Narmada Dam and Its Impact
Produced By: Ndtv For Star India Pvt. Ltd.

Film's Name: Terra Quiz_A Television Quiz Programme (25 Min.)
Subject: Quiz Programme on Environment
Produced By: Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI)

Film's Name: Earth Matters (26 Min. 25 Sec.)
Subject: Global Warning
Produced By: Mr. Mike H. Pandey for Doordarshan Doordarshan News

List Of Nominations For Documentary Category

Film's Name: Ab Nahin Roothengey Badal (28 Min. 52 Sec.)
Subject:Documentary On Water Revolution In A Declare "Dark Zone" In Rajasthan
Produced By: Mr. Anand Syal, Doordarshan, Jaipur

Marubhumi (52 Min.)
Subject: Marubhumi Is A Documentary About The Story of Water In Rajasthan, India And Strings Together Glimpses of The History Policies And Development Of Water Harvesting In Ancient And Modern Jodhpur (Marwar District)
Produced By: Mr. Amar Kanwar, A. K. Productions

Chaliyar-The Final Struggle (35 Min.)
Environment And Human Rights
Produced By: Mr. P. Aburaj & Mr. C. Sarathchandran, Third Eye Communications

King Cobra (53 Min.)
Subject: Natural History of A Big Venomous Snake In South India
Produced By: Mr. Romulus Earl Whitaker, Draco Films

Chasing Butterflies (24 Min.)
Subject: To Create Awareness About The Butterflies of The Doon Valley
Produced By: Mr. Gurmeet Sapal / Mr. Hussain Akbar / Mr. Pervaiz Alam, Newswallahs India Ltd.

Film's Name: Harvesting Hunger (53 Min.)
Subject: The Film Is About The Food Security Problems Faced In India Told In The Voice of 5 Farmers From Different Parts of India.
Produced By: Mr. Krishnendu Bose, Earth Care Films

Film's Name
: The Many Faces of Madness (19 Min.)
Subject: The Many Faces of Madness Is A Short Film That Emerges From The Reality of Destruction and The Appropriation of The Commons In India
Produced By: Mr. Amar Kanwar, A. K. Productions

Film's Name
: Stolen Harvest (App.12 Min.)
Subject: Livelihood And Food Safety For Consumers.
Produced By: Navdanya Navdanya

Film's Name: Shores of Silence-Whale Sharks In India (24 Min.)
Subject: The Slaughter of The Whale Sharks, An Already Endangered Species On The Gujarat Coast.
Produced By: Mr. Mike H. Pandey, Riverbank Studios

Film's Name
: The Wings of Kokkre Belslur (45 Min.)
Subject: Conservation Values of Villagers In Kokkre Bellur, Karnataka
Produced By: Mr. K.P. Sasi, Alcom & Cord Alcom

Film's Name: The Lion's Of Gir (App.52 Min.)
Subject: The Film Follows A Pride of Asiatic Lions, Last of Their Subspecies, In The Gir Forests of Gujarat. It Depicts The Delicate Coexistence of Lion And Man on A Shared Realm.
Produced By: Mr.Nikhil.J. Alva / Niret Alva

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