Raghu Gopalan was greatly interested in lines and colours as a child. He grew up to become an illustrator in a leading Malayalam daily. His profession exposed him to a huge universe waiting to be explored. These explorations took him to new frontiers and he ended up in a leading animation company in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Gopalan was amazed at the possibilities and opportunities that animation presented to him. Gopalan is chief Visionary Officer and Creative Director of Vyga Animation Systems Pvt Ltd

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The film tells the story of a man in search of shelter from the heavy downpour. He finds protection under a tree. The need for more comfort leads him to carve a space within the tree trunk. Later, for more comfort, he carves out a room. His family expands and with it the desire for greater luxury. The home, thus, expands. As it grows beyond the capacity of the tree, the shelter, finally, gives way. Once again, they are exposed to natures vagaries. The family gets soaked in the rain, now deprived of a shelter. The film effectively conveys how our greed for materialistic comforts is destroying the natural world.

  • DIRECTOR: Raghu Gopalan
  • PRODUCER: Raghu Gopalan
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: VYGA Animation Systems Pvt Ltd
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Raghu Gopalan
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Viswajit