Travelling Cities

  • Puducherry 07-12 October, 2014
    Puducherry CMS VATAVARAN was held from October 07-12 & 16, 2014.
  • Amritsar 03-05 November, 2014
    The travelling festival in Amritsar was held from Nov 03-05, 2014.
  • Raipur 15-18 January, 2015
    The Raipur CMS VATAVARAN was held from January 15-18, 2015.
  • Gangtok 12-17 March, 2015
    The Gangtok CMS VATAVARAN was held from March 12-17, 2015.
  • Agra 26-28 March, 2015
    Agra CMS VATAVARAN was organised from March 26-28, 2015.
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About Travelling Film Festival

The CMS VATAVARAN Travelling Film Festival has travelled to 30 cities by successfully organising 39 travelling festivals since 2002..

The 6th travelling edition of CMS VATAVARAN was organised in five cities- Puducherry, Agra, Amritsar, Gangtok, and Raipur.

The theme of the 6th travelling festival was mainstreaming biodiversity conservation at different levels to promote living in harmony with nature, which is significant in the context of 11th Conference of Parties (CoP-11) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) held at Hyderabad, India in October 2012 and UN Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020. The festival highlights included Inauguration by the Head of the State/ UT followed by felicitation of Green Ambassadors from the state, Film Screenings, a Panel Discussion on Biodiversity Conservation, Biodiversity Quiz and Green Filmmaking Workshop.

We are happy to share that we have reached out to more than 15000 people in these five cities during the months of October 2014- March 2015.

CMS VATAVARAN thanks all its partners in Puducherry, Agra, Amritsar, Gangtok and Raipur. We would also like to thank ICICI Bank, India Principal Partner for the 6th travelling edition of CMS VATAVARAN. We also thank the MoEFCC for its unwavering support in our green endeavour.