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Diminishing Weather Gods: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series

In India, especially in the hill states, significant variation in the state of the climate is happening and persisting for an extended period. (typically decades or longer)
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Global Thermostat: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series

Given human ingenuity can humans reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and design our way out of climate-change catastrophe?
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India’s Healing Forest: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series

India truly is an incredible country for a traveler.
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The Real Price of Cheap Medicines: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series​

The negative impact of the production of pharmaceutical products on the natural environment is well known.
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SuryaGanga: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series​

One of the topics very few people talk about is the gradual and definite destruction of India’s rivers. About the social, human and environmental cost of imposing the mindless policies of development on the river systems of India.
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Education on the Boat: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​

As climate change causes increasing problems in Bangladesh, boats fitted with desks and learning materials are keeping children in education.
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Yeh Jungle Hamara: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series​

In the colonial era, the British diverted abundant forest wealth of the nation to meet their economic needs. While procedure for settlement of rights was provided under statutes such as the Indian Forest Act, 1927, these were hardly followed.
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O Himalayas! The Life-blood of my country, my people!​ ​

In the north, there stands Himalaya the King of the Mountains, having a divine soul.
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The moment is right! Setting the agenda about the Himalayas​​ ​

Changes in the natural environment of the planet, we call home have fascinated mankind all through the ages.
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A Can of Fish: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​​ ​

It is a widely accepted fact now that declining fish populations and policies that favor large operations threaten small fisheries.
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The Art of Change - Climate Change: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​​ ​

The Climate Change and the crisis it has fostered is forcing various societies all around the world to abandon the consumerist ideology of our times, restructure the way we run our systems and remake our planet.
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Pulse: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​​ ​

This film talks about coexistence. The fact that humans are threatening the delicate balance of life on the planet.
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Chidra: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​ ​

This is a beautiful film about the Kullu valley of the Indian Himalayas. Dotted with sacred lakes and temples & lush forests and views, Kullu boasts of being on the list of both soul seekers and adventurers. From Kulant Peeth to now Kullu, this god’s abode might have had many names, but the essence of the valley remains in its rich past and bounteous nature.
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Bhutan - The Kind Kingdom: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​

This is a wonderful film about Bhutan.. The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan, at the eastern end of the Himalayas, nestles between the giant nation states of China and India. Often called the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” it remained secluded until recent times—the first ever “tourist” set foot in Bhutan in 1974 and was followed by the introduction of television and new technology at the turn of the 21st century.
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CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series: Shangku Shelter ​

Deep in the heart of the Himalayas, isolated from the outside world by snow for nine months of the year, the ancient kingdom of Zanskar seems light years away from the modern world and its inhabitants.
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CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series: Tara’s Footprint​​​

This film demonstrates the tremendous vitality, range, and potential of Himalayan culture – across different forms and regions.  
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