Centre for Media Studies (CMS) is a premier research and advocacy organization working in the area of communication and development. CMS through its research endeavors has also been identifying knowledge gaps and missing links in effective implementation of strategies for environmental conservation and communication. In recognition of its pioneering work in the area of media awareness, environment, CMS has been made an “ENVIS CENTRE” in the country by the Ministry of Environment & Forests specifically in the context of the electronic media. The Centre was set-up with the objective to provide information to decision-makers, policy-planners, scientists, research community, students, etc. all over the country.

The CMS ENVIS Centre publishes a quarterly Newsletter on Environmental Communication and Electronic Media with the aim to network NGOs and professionals involved in environment and development communication. Towards achieving the goal of sustainable development, CMS has also been recognized as a CMS SDNP Node on Environment and Media by the Minsitry of Environment Forests. This film festival “VATAVARAN” is another of CMS's initiatives in promoting sustainable development endeavors through media.