"What cinema can do at best is to make one aware”, he said. After all, “awareness is the foundation on which any thought process is built-an essential first step that possibly leads to action”. 
Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Jury, Vatavaran 2003
“Films are the strongest medium which can influence lifestyle. Instances abound where films had a lasting impact on the human mind. Through this film festival we aim to create awareness about the environmental issues and use creative talents for the purpose”. 
Mr. Suresh Prabhu
Chairman, Steering Committee, Vatavaran 2003
“Films are an effective medium to trigger grassroots change, such an effort should be sustained to educate and spread the message of conservation.”
Mr. Rajender Singh
Social activist and recipient of Magsaysay Award
“Vatavaran deserves applause and gratitude because it is a step forward towards creating demand pull for environmental programmes.”
Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra
Managing Trustee, Public Sector Broadcasting Trust (PSBT)
“We as Indians need to unite on a common platform and think about Vatavaran because environment is god given and not the privilege of humans. Films and events like these bring to the forefront issues facing the environment and bring to the attention of the young and concerned people the issues at stake”
Ms Nafisa Ali Sodhi
Brand Ambassador, Vatavaran 2003
“The first national two day environment and wildlife film festival in the capital, was a quiet yet spirited beginning of a much needed platform for those who have chosen to engage in the use of electronic media to interact and raise concerns for an eclological outlook”
Shri. L. K. Advani
“This event assumes significance since this is also a pioneering efforts in a field that has not been receiving the attention it deserve”
Shri. T. R. Baalu
“Sensitizing people to the dangers of our dying ecology and creating awareness about sustainable development of our natural resources is the need of the hour”
Sushma Swaraj
“Environmental issues...however hotly debated, do not get translated into concerted action all the time. It is in this context that mass media, particularly the electronic media, have a significant role to play.”
Suresh P. Prabhu
“More than just a time and place to see colours, sound and moving images as well as telling stories, this film festival provides a platform for the film makers and environmental organizations to share their views and understand each other better”
K. S. Sarma
CEO, Prasar Bharti
“Vatavaran....is a good proactive initiative of CMS”
Abid Hussain
“While India can justifiably boast some brilliant wildlife film makers, for one reason or another they have remained largely unsupported within their own country, despite making a tremendous mark overseas....we need to expose the children of India to the finest images of nature if we wish to see them defending their natural heritage tomorrow. Vatavaran is one welcome step in that direction".
Bittu Sahgal
Editor Sanctuary Magazine
“Vatavaran 2002 will motivate NGOs and spread greater awareness among the entire community to do their genuine bit for this cause".
Shri. Subhash Chandra
Chairman, Essel Group of Companies.