K.S. Rajashekara/Sanctuary

Gurmeet Sapal/ Explorers

H. V. Praveen Kumar/Sanctuary

Water for Life a photo-exhibition: By Sanctuary Magazine

An exhibition that celebrates our wildlife through some of the finest images taken from the pages of Sanctuary Magazine. The exhibition explains the intimate connection between the survival of wild ecosystems and the water security of the Indian subcontinent.

Three Families, Three Generations, Thirty years of Tiger Conservation
As circa 2003 marks the 30th year of Project Tiger. Vatavaran brings to all
lens man N. C. Dhingra's amazing documentation of three separate tiger
families over three generations at the famed Ranthambhore National Park in
the state of Rajasthan. This fantastic piece of photo documentation takes us to the private life of tigers, how a mother brings up her children, how they grow up to separate
> and then start new families of their own. An exclusive insight to tiger behavior and successful conservation efforts carried over the years. The exhibition features the Raj Bagh, the Bakola and the Berda 'family' at Ranthambhore National Park.

Wild Moments
A gallery of amazing wildlife action caught by the lens man N.C. Dhingra
captivates our senses in this section. We like to put it this way for the
moment...seeing is believing....

The Beauty of Dragons:
By Gurmeet Sapal, Bhumesh Bharti and Amirt Kaur Sahani

Some people find them obnoxious, some find them ugly and most just ignore them. But two mavericks from the valley of DOON are simply crazy about them. Gurmeet Sapal & Bhumesh Bharti have been clicking Dragon flies & Damsel flies for last three years… and guess what, they find these insects extremely beautiful.

Witness their exhibition 'The Beauty of Dragons' to decode their passion. Photographs are crisp, colourful and provide an insight into the life of these primitive flying insects and watch their film to know why they find them beautiful.