SAHYADRIS - Mountains of the Monsoon

Producer: Sandesh V Kadur
Commissioned by: Goras Science Foundation

Subject Focus: Sahyadris: Mountain of the monsoon focusses on the biodiversity of the western ghat mountains.

Summary: On the Malabar coast of southern India, along the Arabian Sea, lies the Western Ghats, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. SAHYADRIS: Mountains of The Monsoon follows the wildlife of these mountains, from the peaks of the High Ranges, where the drama of the Nilgiri – never before fully captured on camera – takes place during the height of the monsoon, to the thick shola forests, home to the highly endangered Lion-Tailed Macaque, to the dry deciduous forests at the foothills of the mountains, where elephants and other wildlife wait in expectation for the coming deluge.

Producer’s/Director’s Profile: Sahyadris: Mountains of the Monsoon was shot over a period of four years by Sandesh Kadur. Since completing his degree in Wildlife Biology Sandesh Kadur has spent most of his time working on wildlife documentaries in countries as diverse as Mexico and India on subjects ranging from sea turtles to elephants. He works for the Gorgas Science Foundation based in Brownsville, Texas. He has received awards like Gold REMI award for Creative Excellence by Houston Worldfest in 2003, Finalist in South by Southwest Film Festival, Austin, Texas in 2003. Nominated as finalist in Wildscreen 2002 for the BBC Newcomer of the Year award, has received Merit Award for Cinematography in International Wildlife film festival in 2002.